Mongodb and python quick start

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MongoDB and Python: Quick start
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Up and running with mongoengine
Learn MongoDB with Python and mongoengine. In this short, free course, we will build an AirBnB knock-off using Python and MongoDB. You will learn enough to get up and running with MongoDB for your next project.
According the to 2017 StackOverflow developer survey, MongoDB is one of the most loved and is by far the most wanted databases of 2017. You will learn many of the skills necessary to build MongoDB backed applications.
We will primarily focus on accessing MongoDB from the ODM mongoengine. While you can use the lower-level pymongo package, youll see that mongoengine adds powerful additional features not natively found in MongoDB such as required fields and default values.
You will learn
How document databases work
The benefits of NoSQL databases
A clear set of guidelines for modeling data with document databases
How to map Python classes into MongoDB collections
The basic CRUD operations (create, read, update and delete) for MongoDB
Complex queries (subdocuments, hierarchies, and more)
How to convert hierarchies in documents into flat Python structures using list comprehensions
Some Python tricks
To use PyCharm as your IDE which writing code
The course is free and the example code is extensive and available on github. Dont wait to get started.

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