Lynda вђ“ network virtualization sdn overlay solutions

Lynda вђ“ network virtualization sdn overlay solutions

Lynda – Network Virtualization: SDN Overlay Solutions | 337.97 MB

Software-defined networking (SDN) virtual networks are an emerging network topology that allows hardware and software components to be managed virtually. Join David Bombal as he introduces SDN overlay networks and shows you how to create a virtual network using virtual ports, switches, routers, firewalls, and more via a centralized user interface. Follow along with a demonstration of Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP), an overlay solution that increases network responsiveness and efficiency while avoiding vendor lock-in. Learn about spanning Layer 2 networks across data centers, navigating a broken underlay, creating and tearing down dynamic tunnels, and more. David also discusses advantages of VMware NSX, a network virtualization platform that allows networks to provision in minutes without having to modify the app.
Topics include:
Analogous overlay networks
Spanning Layer 2 networks across the DC
Nuage Networks VSP topology and components
Automatic ACLs and policies
Nuage GUI and CLI
Automatic OpenFlow rules
Multiple ESXi hypervisors
Navigating a broken underlay
Layer 2 domain spanning DC
Creating and tearing down dynamic tunnels
Accessing VMware NSX labs


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